Depending on the size of your organisation you will probably take a different approach to AGM voting. Voting on resolutions and/or candidates for board or council positions, can be carried out in a number of ways before and at the AGM, and in person or by proxy.

Votes can be cast before the AGM; the most popular methods are by a paper ballot or by an online voting system, often referred to as e-voting.  In this scenario, organisations can begin engagement well in advance, ensuring all eligible members receive communications by post or online, including information about the AGM and instructions on how to vote, including appointing a proxy.

For members who wish to attend the AGM in person, in order to exercise their democratic rights, the voting options may differ depending on expected attendance and of course, budget.

Smaller organisations may simply prefer a traditional show of hands or perhaps may opt for a paper ballot, which is still a popular way to collect votes. However, larger organisations may consider the benefits of handheld digital voting systems as a way to encourage more votes at the AGM, as voting via these devices is quick and easy to do, and offers an immediate response.

Voters simply select the button which reflects their preference or preferences. Using an audience response system makes it easier for the member to vote, aiding participation and improving voter turnout.

Benefits of handheld voting:

  • Immediate response while the member is fully- engaged
  • Improved visibility of how engaged the audience is overall
  • Fast, accurate count (no spoiled votes)
  • Determine voter turnout quickly
  • Limits the requirement for count staff
  • Easy to use handheld devices
  • Full technical support at events

To find out more about how UK Engage can help you organise the right voting system for your AGM, workshops or other organisational events, contact us via the details below. Alternatively, visit us at MemberWise’s Membership Excellence 2017 on 27th April 2017 at the Park Plaza Hotel Victoria, London, where we will be supplying the handheld voting devices as well as exhibiting.  You will find us at Stand 14.

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