Enhance and Transform your Wildlife Trust AGM with UK Engage

At UK Engage, we understand the vital role charities such as UK Engage play in environmental conservation and community engagement. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our secure multi-channel AGM voting services designed specifically to enhance member engagement, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.


Our Approach To Wildlife Trust AGMs

We leverage technology to simplify the AGM process for your members, reducing administration costs and supporting a greener planet.

How We Can Support Environmental Trusts With AGM Processes

  • Management of the entire democratic process including membership engagement solutions.
  • Access to the most advanced AGM online meeting/voting platform (UKEmeet)
  • Hybrid, remote, and in-person voting options
  • Reporting on turnout and electronic counting of votes cast
  • Seamless Integration: UKEmeet seamlessly integrates virtual and in-person elements, allowing members to participate from anywhere while ensuring a cohesive and engaging AGM environment.
  • Interactive Features: Engage members with interactive features such as live voting, Q&A sessions, and virtual networking opportunities, enhancing participation and fostering meaningful discussion/debate.
  • Professional Production: Benefit from our optional professional event production services, including live streaming, multimedia presentations, and technical support, to deliver a polished and impactful AGM experience.
  • Accessibility: Increase accessibility for all members by offering both virtual and in-person attendance options, accommodating diverse preferences and ensuring inclusivity.
  • Compliance and Security: Our Hybrid AGM Services comply with regulatory requirements and prioritise data security, providing a safe and trusted environment for member participation.
  • We also offer solutions for those not familiar with technology.


Our Wildlife Trust Customers

We provide proxy, advance and AGM voting services to over 300,000 members each year. The ballots are included in the member magazine and online voting is also available as a multichannel process, culminating in a hybrid AGM.

Each year we provide both proxy voting and live meeting voting services to enable democratic processes to be successfully ran with the entire membership of Surrey Wildlife Trust.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you for all your efforts today for the AGM. Given that it was the first time we have ever done a fully hybrid event with formal online voting I was incredibly impressed with how seamlessly everything went – a huge testament to everyone’s hard work. The feedback from members has been positive and they very much seemed to enjoy the morning.”

Our Commitment To Your AGM

We’ve developed our software and services with the end-user in mind, ensuring a seamless experience that adds value for all stakeholders and enhances the overall membership experience. Our cutting edge platform UKEmeet combines the best of virtual and in-person experiences to transform and enhance your AGM like never before.

We’re ready to support your Trust, regardless of membership size, governance needs, or budget. Schedule a consultation today to explore how UK Engage can empower your organization and drive greater member participation.

Get Started Today With Our AGM Support Services

Ready to enhance your environmental organisation’s voting process?

 Get in touch to learn more about our voting services and how we can help you promote transparency, accessibility, and democracy within your organisation.

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