Conference Voting

Our conference voting solution allows your members to engage in your online meeting and participate in live voting, wherever their location.

Live Voting & Online Meeting Platform

Our unique Conference Voting solution allows organisations to conduct online meetings with secure live voting in a transparent and impartial manner.  Our new and flexible Conference Voting Platform can be provided as a web-based self-service solution or a managed service.

Suitable for any type of meeting where participants need to cast secure votes, our bespoke, secure and user-friendly Conference Voting solution is an all-in-one package to meet the growing requirements for meetings, conferences and events to be held in a virtual manner. With built-in presentation features and Q&A functionality, Conference Voting offers a bespoke solution to many ‘in-person’ meeting obstacles.

It doesn’t matter if the participants are in the same room or in different locations, everyone is able to participate in the meeting. Attendees can view the presentation in a physical location or on local devices if elsewhere. 

Benefits of Conference Voting:

  • All in one meeting and secure live voting solution
  • User-friendly system (administrator and user)
  • Available as a self or managed service
  • Pre-registration function for attendees
  • For, Against and Abstain, and candidate live voting
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous live voting
  • Send meeting and voting messages via the system
  • Set voting time window
  • Set different voter groups for different questions
  • Withhold or publicise results to the attendees
  • Presentation design functions (images, text, video, documents)
  • Two slide options – presentation and voting
  • Questions and comments function
  • Customise with your brand identity (logo, colour scheme etc)


Unlike some other virtual meeting platforms on the market, Conference Voting gives you the extra function of voter security, as it has actual accredited live voting technology at the heart of its functionality.  Our online meeting system is based on encrypted communication and allows for complete separation of Voter ID and any votes cast when generating results. Furthermore, the platform is hosted in a secure and reliable hosting facility.

Prior to the meeting, attendees receive an election code-protected link to access Conference Voting. Only validated participants can attend the meeting and vote in real-time. An observer mode allows others to watch the meeting but does not allow them to vote.

Conference Voting - Security
Online Meeting Voting

Live Voting Applications


Candidate Elections


Regional & Constituency Voting

Assembly Meetings

Training Sessions



AGMs / EGMs / SGMs 

Conference Voting Platform – Device Compatibility

Online Meeting Voting

Our Conference Voting platform supports multiple devices.  Attendees can login to the platform (direct from the email or SMS link sent via the system) on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  So participation is possible wherever your attendee may be!

Conference Voting:
How it works

  1. Participants are sent a personal meeting invite, with appropriate links, via the Conference Voting software (as an email or text)
  2. Participants access the meeting and wait for the organiser to virtually open proceedings
  3. Participants are guided through the meeting with the ability to ask questions by typing a message to the presenter, which is visible to the other attendees
  4. ‘For’, ‘Against’ and ‘Abstain’ or candidate ballots can be put to the meeting group. (Live votes can be anonymous or not and attendees have the option to change their vote before the voting time for the question expires).
  5. The presenter can use the system to calculate the results, deciding to ‘withhold’ or ‘publish’ the results after each ballot.
  6. The presenter closes the meeting.

Service Options

All-in-one Conference Voting is an ideal hybrid meeting solution for remote and physically present meeting attendees.

  1. Self Service: Clients can run their own meetings independently with our self-service option.
  2. Managed Service: UK Engage will set up and configure key parts of the system, enabling you to present directly.

Conference Voting can be integrated with our other online democracy solutions. For example, we can register candidates for election prior to the meeting with our online candidate system.

AGM Proxy Voting

If you require an AGM proxy voting solution for an AGM, EGM or SGM, we have an online voting service for you!

Please visit our Online AGM Voting page to find out more.

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