Comprehensive Election Services for Cooperatives

At UK Engage, we take pride in offering comprehensive election services tailored specifically for cooperatives. Our mission is to meet the needs of governance by promoting democratic processes with our unique approach to member engagement. Our services and approach is highly valued by cooperatives across the UK. 

Our election services for cooperatives include – nomination support, postal, hand-held and online voting, AGM and proxy voting, and in-store voting and we showcase these each year at Cooperatives UK event – The Practitioners Forum

Election Services for Cooperatives

Elevating Member Democracy With Our Election Services

We understand cooperatives’ unique needs and challenges in ensuring transparent, fair, and efficient elections. Our election services are tailored to specifically address these challenges and provide a multitude of benefits for cooperatives and their members:

  • Enhanced Member Engagement:
    Engaged members are more likely to contribute to the cooperative’s success and overall governance requirements. Our strategies and techniques are designed to improve member participation and experience in elections, ballots, and AMMs.
  • Transparent and Impartial Elections:
    We prioritise transparency and impartiality, essential for building member trust. Our election administration ensures that every member’s vote counts and is securely administered using credible, trusted and proven processes giving integrity to the results.
  • Increased Accessibility:
    By offering multiple voting options, such as online voting, postal voting, and mobile voting, we make it easy for all members to participate, regardless of their location or preferences. All systems are developed with accessibility standards in mind and printed materials can be in large font format as needed.
  • Efficient Administration:
    We streamline the entire election process, from the opening of nominations with support to the final declaration. This efficiency not only saves time but provides full independence in the processes and also reduces administrative burdens on the cooperative’s staff.
  • Inclusivity:
    With AMM and advance/proxy/ballot voting services, we enable every member to have a say in critical cooperative decisions and elected roles, even if they cannot attend in person (Articles permitting). In-store voting options further enhance inclusivity for cooperatives with physical locations.
  • Expertise and Support:
    Our experienced team are dedicated to providing guidance and support throughout the election process. We make it easy for candidates to stand for election and for members to cast their votes.
  • Industry Knowledge and Best Practices:
    Our presence at events like the Cooperatives UK Practitioners Forum, allows us to keep up to date with the cooperative sector’s latest developments and best practices.
    Our considerable experience in providing ballot processes for many years to cooperatives means we understand your and your member’s needs along with appropriate suggestions to increase efficiency and engagement.

Our Comprehensive Election Services Include:

  • Nomination Support:
    We provide expert guidance and support throughout the nomination process, making it easy for candidates to stand for election.
  • Postal Voting:
    Offering the convenience of voting by mail, our postal voting service ensures that every member’s voice is heard, regardless of their location.
  • Mobile Voting:
    Our advanced platform scales for mobile voting designed to streamline the
    voting process at conferences or events, making it efficient and secure.
  • Online Voting:
    We provide a user-friendly
    online voting platform, enabling members to vote from anywhere using their own devices.
  • AMM and Ballots:
    We assist in conducting Annual Meetings and ballots, both for advance or proxy voting, ensuring that cooperative members have a say in key decisions and elected roles, even if they cannot attend in person.
  • In-store Voting:
    For cooperatives with physical locations, our in-store voting solutions are designed to make the voting process accessible and convenient.


    Unlock the Potential of Your Cooperative Election Today

    By partnering with UK Engage, your cooperative can benefit from our expertise, resources, and dedication to strengthening member engagement with cooperative governance. We are here to support you in building a stronger, more engaged, and transparent cooperative community.
    If you’re ready to take your cooperative’s governance to the next level, explore our range of voting services and contact us today to discuss your voting requirements.

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