Election services for NHS Foundation Trusts
Election Services for NHS Foundation Trusts
UK Engage provide comprehensive election services tailored exclusively for NHS Foundation Trusts. Our expertise encompasses a spectrum of election solutions, spanning traditional postal materials to cutting-edge online services, specifically designed for Council of Governor Elections.

Our dedicated commitment extends to providing comprehensive solutions that precisely address the distinctive requirements of healthcare organisations. We prioritise inclusivity and accessibility in our election services. Utilising diverse communication channels, we inform and engage members about Council of Governor Elections, fostering active participation. 

Our nomination and ballot services are designed for a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing members to stand for nomination through online and postal options, including accessibility features like Braille and language variants.

Advancing Member Engagement in NHS Elections

We recognise that successful elections hinge on informed and engaged members. Our NHS-focused election services prioritise member engagement communications, ensuring your audience is well-informed and equipped to participate. We utilise various communication channels to effectively broadcast your messages.

Streamlining Nominations

Encourage active participation in the democratic process by prompting members to stand for nomination. Our core nomination solutions offer both online and postal options. Collaboration with Foundation Trusts ensures the nomination process is accessible to all members.

Simplified Voting Experience

We streamline the voting process, providing standard online voting information and secure postal voting packs. Our user-friendly and secure voting solutions empower members of all constituency  types to vote for their preferred governors. Tailored voting solutions are available upon request.

Why NHS Organisations Choose UK Engage Election Services

  • Unparalleled Expertise:

Benefit from our proven track record as a leading election services provider, ensuring a seamless and efficient election process.

  • Tailored Solutions for NHS Trusts:

Recognising the uniqueness of each NHS Foundation Trust, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. Collaborate closely with UK Engage to customise election services, aligning with the specific needs and nuances of your Trust.

  • Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:

Collaborate with UK Engage to enhance equality, diversity, and inclusion messaging in all election materials. We aim to create an environment where every member group feels heard and represented in Council of Governor Elections.

  • Seamless Internal Democracy:

Extend our services to internal governance post-election. Choose between our professionally managed service, overseeing all proceedings, or our self-managed online voting site for in-house control over internal elections.

  • Transparent and Secure Processes:

Transparency and security are paramount. UK Engage ensures that every step of the election process is transparent, and our secure systems provide peace of mind, maintaining the integrity of the democratic process.

Crown Commercial Service Suppliers

UK Engage is G-Cloud 13 accredited

UK Engage Services for NHS Trusts are covered under the G-Cloud 13 framework setup by Crown Commercial Services.

To find our services in the government digital marketplace please use the following instructions:

1. Go the G-Cloud market place here: https://www.applytosupply.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/choose-lot
2. Choose
‘Lot 2: cloud software’ and click ‘Search for services’
3. Select the Category ‘Healthcare’ then the sub Category ‘Healthcare management’
4. Finally type ‘elections’ into the keyword search box and click to show our UK Engage Secure service options

Transforming NHS Foundation Trust Elections with UK Engage

Choose UK Engage for election services tailored to your NHS Foundation Trust’s unique requirements, promoting inclusivity and upholding the highest standards of democratic practice. Contact us today to discover how we can customise our services to suit your specific needs.
Council of Governor Elections

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