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Election services for NHS Foundation Trusts

​We are a leading provider of election services for NHS Foundation Trusts.  Our range of election services includes traditional postal materials and online services for Council of Governor Elections.  Our core election services for the NHS include member engagement communications, nomination and ballot services for both public and staff elections.

In line with the model election rules, we believe in making your Council of Governor Elections tailored to your Foundation Trust, this way you are able to ensure the best possible experience for your members.

Election Services for NHS Foundation Trusts

Staff & Public Member Engagement:

Our range of election services for the NHS includes raising awareness among your members. It sounds simple but in order for your members to get involved in your elections, they have to know when they are happening and how they can get involved. We have numerous ways to communicate your Council of Governor Elections messages.

Council of Governor Nominations: 

Invite your members to come forward to stand for nomination. With online and postal nomination options as part of our core nomination solutions, plus specialist services such as Braille and language variants, we work with Foundation Trusts to ensure the opportunity to stand for election is available to all members.

Voting in Council of Governor Elections:

We make voting easy!   Providing online voting information and postal voting packs as standard, our secure and easy voting solutions allow your members to cast their votes for staff and public governors.  Specialist voting solutions are available if required.

We have the solutions, security, staff, and reputation to provide you with the best election services for NHS Foundation Trusts. To request our products and services guide for your NHS Foundation Trust email democracy@uk-engage.org.

Inclusivity & Council of Governor Elections:

UK Engage works with Foundation Trusts to explore ways of enhancing equality, diversity and inclusion messaging in Council of Governor Election materials.

As a leading election services provider, we want to understand your challenges so that we can help develop messaging and visuals to apply to nomination, ballot forms and other communications, whether they are printed or online, to raise awareness among all members groups and to promote messages of equality, diversity and inclusion.

It is our goal to assist NHS Foundation Trusts to: –

(a) empower all member groups to come forward and nominate themselves for elected positions and,
(b) encourage all member groups to feel they have a voice and vote in your Council of Governor Elections.

Internal Council of Governor Elections:

Once your Council has been elected, your Foundation Trust will need to nominate or elect a lead governor, deputy lead governor/s, along with other positions.  We have options for the way you wish to carry out internal democracy. Opt for our professional managed service where will oversee all proceedings, or our self-managed online voting site so that internal elections can be managed inhouse, year on year.

Crown Commercial Service Suppliers

UK Engage is G-Cloud 13 accredited

UK Engage Services for NHS Trusts are covered under the G-Cloud 13 framework setup by Crown Commercial Services.

To find our services in the government digital marketplace please use the following instructions:

1. Go the G-Cloud market place here: https://www.applytosupply.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/choose-lot
2. Choose
‘Lot 2: cloud software’ and click ‘Search for services’
3. Select the Category ‘Healthcare’ then the sub Category ‘Healthcare management’
4. Finally type ‘elections’ into the keyword search box and click to show our UK Engage Secure service options

Council of Governor Elections


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