When moving to a new election services supplier it is important to ensure there is a documented and communicated new client on-boarding process, either as part of an ISO, or Customer Service standard. Appointing a new supplier is sometimes met with a little uncertainty, which is why a structured and documented onboarding process aims to mitigate concerns about the new supplier relationship, inspiring confidence that the new appointment is the correct choice for your organisation. During the new client onboarding process, the new election services supplier would aim to build a relationship with key stakeholders, address any concerns, make introductions, and generally start the initial first process in the most efficient way possible.

5 Stages of Onboarding

1. Compliance:
After appointing the election services supplier, they should initially, administer documentation including the contract (if applicable), issue a new account form to sign, along with a GDPR and a data relationship agreement. With these processes undertaken and agreements in place at the start of the project, then any secure data collateral transfers can be undertaken, in preparation to deliver election services.

2. Welcome:
The supplier should welcome you and your team officially by introducing you to the team which will be working on your election. Your main Account Manager contact will work with you daily and will ultimately be responsible for the smooth running of your election. It is important for you also to have access to the Returning Officer (if appropriate), the Customer Service & Production Manager, and General Manager as a matter of course.

3. Consultation:
Most, if not all of your election process requirements will have been covered in any proposal response, meetings, or partner plan. However, this is an opportunity to clarify requirements and complete a comprehensive project brief, which the Account Manager should follow. This is also an opportunity to highlight any expectations you may have for the service ahead, and any goals you would like to achieve for the project.

4. Planning:
The Account Manager should help plan the specifics of your election process including timetables, any pertinent requirements set out in your election rules (or Articles of Association/Constitution), voting methods, design (based on previous examples of voting materials or entirely new concepts) which will require adhering to your brand guidelines. If you are new to the role and you would like guidance you may wish to consider using a supplier with experienced Account Managers so they can help you through the process, making suggestions to aid your overall objectives.

5. Project Duration:
Once everything has been agreed and understood the project can begin, but on-boarding does not end here. As a new client, the supplier should be looking to ensure that your experience and result are as you expect. Your Account Manager should adhere to the timescales set to ensure the process meets every single deadline. Therefore, they may have certain expectations too, including keeping to dates for data and approving proofing signoffs. This is to ensure that the process meets your timing requirements. Communication along with momentum, and a good working relationship is always needed for a successful delivery of elections.


Choosing an election services supplier that has a defined process for on-boarding new clients makes the process easy for all concerned and provides reassurance to the client. Rarely is there any issue transitioning from one supplier to another if the on-boarding process is communicated in advance and the new supplier is experienced in brining on new clients.

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