Tenant Management Organisation Elections – The Challenge

All elections present their own unique set of challenges. The key to providing the very best election services lies in recognising that no two elections are ever alike, and that it’s only by working in partnership with clients you can deliver an election process that will be tailored to a client’s specific needs. Working to these principles has ensured that UK-Engage provides the exact level of appropriate support for an organisation’s needs during the election process. This pro-active philosophy was perfectly illustrated during our recent involvement in the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation Resident Board Member Elections and AGM.

Kensington and Chelsea TMO is the body responsible for the management of nearly 10,000 properties on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It delivers housing services through resident-led management and strives to raise housing service standards and expectations by delivering quality and accessible services.  Kensington and Chelsea TMO asked UK-Engage to manage its 2012 Resident Board Member Elections and AGM voting and to provide a comprehensive electoral support service tailored to the requirements of the organisation’s needs. The challenge at the Resident Board member elections was to deliver election services that were accessible, reached the widest residents-base, and boosted overall turnout. The challenge at the AGM was to deliver a combination of internet and postal voting for the first time – and set in motion amendments to the TMO constitution which would allow internet and text voting to also be used in the 2013 elections of resident board members.

The Solution

UK Engage was asked to redesign the ballot papers for the election of resident board members in 2012, and to help KCTMO publicise a series of resident capacity building training sessions to identify potential candidates. We’re delighted to report that a total of 16 candidates stood for election in 2012: a record figure for KCTMO.

UK-Engage provided video election statements for the candidates, and over 1,500 unique views were recorded. Overall turnout increased from 23.1 percent to 30.7 percent which represented another record for the organisation. Internet voting was used for the first time at the September AGM which saw participation double. Working closely with KCTMO, UK-Engage helped to amend the constitution to allow internet and text voting in the 2013 elections.

The Result

UK Engage and Kensington and Chelsea TMO were delighted by the increased turnout at both the election and the AGM.  At the AGM 468 votes were cast by post, internet, proxy and in person: the highest for any KCTMO AGM. KCTMO thanked UK-Engage for running an efficient and accessible election and delivering an exceptional and professional service at the AGM. KCTMO Governance Manager and Company Secretary, Angela Bosnjak-Szekeres praised our election services and added:

“Thank you for all your hard work. Please say a big thank you to your whole team.”

Election Management Services By UK Engage

No matter the size of your organisation, holding an election or vote is a major task.  At UK Engage, our election services to deliver impartial and transparent elections, ballots, polls, referendums and AGMs. We are an experienced election services provider, with a dedicated team of election professionals delivering elections and AGMs daily. Both postal and online services can be provided as part of our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications. Contact us on 0161 209 4808 to discuss your needs.


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