At UK Engage, we pride ourselves on continually striving for and maintaining the best customer service and product offering, through continuous development.

To support this, we have a comprehensive customer feedback process, to listen to our clients’ requirements and to understand the needs of the elections and ballots market.

Our latest update to our portfolio, UKEmeet, allows for full member/shareholder engagement and interaction at online/hybrid meetings where secure voting is needed, both prior to (advance or proxy voting) and/or at the live meeting. UKEmeet is a revolutionary, all-in-one solution for digital or hybrid general meetings, that ensures secure and accurate attendance, along with voting processes.

Andy Tye General Manager said: “We appreciate the market wanted an all-in-one integrated AGM meeting and voting platform that provided their members/shareholders with advance/proxy voting and full interactivity at the meeting allowing attendees to be seen and heard if needed, and/or submit questions.  We developed our solution and found it wasn’t offered by anybody else in the industry. We believe our solution is revolutionary and provides a fully secure AGM process with access via an all-in-one platform, that is aesthetically modern and device agnostic, for running digital/hybrid AGM meetings.

UKEmeet boasts the following benefits:

  • Easy to Use – Video, proxy & live voting, submit a question, etc. are available in one system
  • Seamless AGM Process – simple & friendly user experience
  • Increased Engagement and Participation – the system integrates with Zoom, so participants can submit or ask live questions using the platform
  • Voting Options – all resolutions or individual resolutions can be opened and closed on request
  • Transparency – results can be displayed after each vote, before moving on to the next topic
  • Secure Independent Service – managed service by an experienced independent scrutineer
  • Customer Service – we have an unrivalled service, which is very important when running your AGM process. We hold the Customer Service Excellence Standard (CSE) and have a 100% customer satisfaction score, following our annual customer satisfaction survey. Plus 9 out of 10 customers have said they would choose us over the competition.

Furthermore, we have already received tremendous feedback from clients who have already used UKEmeet: “UK Engage understood our specification when scoping our meeting requirements, better than the competition had done previously”.

UKEmeet is a great addition to our growing portfolio of products and solutions, and we look forward to sharing this with as many of our clients as possible.

If you haven’t seen UKEmeet already and would like to find out more, or arrange a personalised demonstration, Contact us or call 0161 209 4808 to discuss your needs.

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