Whatever type of company you are, when it comes to an election or ballot you want a process you can rely on, one that is stress-free, efficient and run according to your election rules. That’s exactly what a ballot services provider is appointed to do.

A recognised ballot services provider is independent and experienced enough to handle any election situation. They will remain impartial and transparent, offering a trustworthy and auditable process, with full support all the way through.

Ballot services provider, UK Engage, has 20 years’ experience administering all types of elections, ballots, polls, AGMs, EGMs & SGMs. We take a more in-depth look at some of the key reasons why appointing a trustworthy ballot services provider is important.


One of the key reasons to appoint a ballot services provider is so that the process is always impartial and transparent.  If your process is to elect individuals to positions of responsibility rather than appoint them, it is important that the outcome is in no way contentious and is accepted by all stakeholders. A ballot services provider will collate, count and evaluate the validity of ballots, before announcing a final certified tally.


Recognised providers can make sure all voting methods are secure.  A postal ballot will be addressed to the individual direct and will include a voting code unique to them and a method of returning a vote in the post, securely and free of charge.  Security is especially important when it comes to voting online.  Your ballot services provider should have a special voting platform that has the required level of security such as access authentication and vote transmission encryption.


Telling your members about your election, ballot or poll will be crucial to the participation and subsequent voter turnout.  An experienced scrutineer will advise you about the best methods and messaging to engage your membership.  Furthermore, they can advise the times you should send your engagement communications, in order to get the best results.


An election services provider will ensure your election stays on track.  Before your election starts, they will produce a timetable which will outline all the stages of your election. Working backwards from your intended ‘close of poll’ date, they will assign dates when each stage will happen and will make sure everything happens on time.


If your provider is experienced then you know you’re in good hands, as they will have encountered most situations and administered all types of democratic processes and will be ready for every eventuality.  Clearly, planning your election carefully with your ballot services provider is the best scenario. However, being reactive to a client’s requirements is also important and any last-minute adjustments can be easily managed by an experienced provider with the right experience, staff and technology.


UK Engage

By choosing to appoint a ballot services provider you are reducing risk, ensuring impartiality and improving member participation. For the last 20 years, UK Engage has worked with all types of membership organisations to ensure election processes are run efficiently, on time and to a client’s budget, that’s why we are one of the leaders in our field.  To find out more, contact us today.

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