As security is an inherent part of any election process, it is imperative that the election services provider you choose can run elections with transparency and impartiality, incorporating the most secure procedures, systems and software possible.

Leading election services provider UK Engage knows that ensuring voter security and confidentiality remains the key requirement in any election.   Whether an organisation is operating a paper ballot or is using an online system, stringent measures must be taking to ensure that each voter has unique credentials which allow only them to vote.

Ensure client requirements

In order to ensure client requirements, in relation to voter security, are maintained – UK Engage has updated its e-voting platform to include up to three-factor verification.  In simple terms, this means that clients can now have the option to ask voters to input up to three pieces of information before they can vote.

Andy Tye, General Manager at UK Engage says of the update. “Usually clients opt for one or two factor verification because reducing barriers to vote often results in higher voter turnout. However, on occasions, clients require a higher level of security.  The enhancement to our platform means that, where required, clients can ask voters to input three pieces of information, for example this could be a unique code generated by UK Engage, a membership number and a date of birth, resulting in an extremely secure e-voting platform”.

The additional verification option makes the e-voting platform one of the most flexible and secure on the market. Clients can choose the level of security they want for their election.  So, if a client wanted the most secure system, they would choose three-factor verification.

Three-factor verification is just one of the enhancements UK Engage has made to its e-voting platform. In addition, each and every online ballot and election is encrypted.  Furthermore, to supplement its existing ISO 27001:2013 Accreditation for Information Security, UK Engage now holds the Cyber Essentials certification.

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