Launched in early 2021, our live voting platform – Conference Voting, is proving a hit with companies that want a simple solution to enable real-time voting for attendees at remote and hybrid meetings. As meetings, conferences, and events continue to be held in a virtual or hybrid manner, our secure voting system, which can be taken as a self or managed service, is ticking all the boxes for clients that have used it.

More than just a live voting platform, Conference Voting comes with built-in presentation slides, voting slides, and an email and SMS delivery system, which is perfect for companies that want to send voter credentials electronically.  We have selected a handful of benefits from our recent customer feedback to demonstrate how effective Conference Voting is from a client’s point of view.


Clients that have used our live voting platform have told us that the system training was excellent and gave them the skills to create the slides in line with their meeting agenda and then present them to attendees. With two types of slides, one for presenting information and one specifically for voting, clients can build their entire meeting presentation within one system and use their preferred broadcast software to help deliver it.

Our clients also fed back that they like the security that Conference Voting provides. Unlike ‘off-the-shelf’ ballot software systems, our live voting platform has encrypted security, which ensures both the security of the transmission channel of votes cast and the voting results. Unlike inexpensive or free systems where results can be seen by anyone who has access to the ‘back end’ system, Conference Voting separates the voter ID and votes cast, when generating results.

Furthermore, clients thought that being able to send an election code-protected link to access the online meeting was a great function, as personal data is kept in one system rather than duplicated across many, further enhancing security and reducing risk.

Voting Options:

Most clients using Conference Voting at their meetings will only require the ‘For’, ‘Against’ and ‘Abstain’ voting options, used by attendees to vote on motions/resolutions. However, where clients also have candidates who need to be elected or re-elected at the meeting, the system also allows this through its ranked voting and first past the post-voting functions.

Attendees can also review and amend their selections if done so within the given voting window.

Ballot Flexibility:

Some of our Conference Voting clients have held meetings whereby attendees are eligible to vote in different ballots.  In these instances, they have welcomed the function that allows different voter groups to be set up beforehand, by the administrator, so that only eligible voters can cast votes in certain ballots.

The live voting platform also provides flexibility in terms of the voting window, which can be set to a timer or manually opened and closed.

Voting Results:

Conference Voting allows organisers the opportunity to announce results as they see fit.  Some of our clients choose to announce the result after each vote, others will announce the results at the end of the meeting, which Conference Voting allows them to do.

These are just a handful of comments about our Conference Voting system. However, if you would like to know more about how Conference Voting could work for you or request a live demonstration, please contact us today!

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