Recent news issued by NHS Providers reports that, following a survey of 300,000 NHS frontline staff, there is evidence which demonstrates clear links between levels of staff engagement and improvements for trusts1. Outcomes included patient satisfaction, patient mortality, trust performance ratings, staff absenteeism and turnover, concluding that the more engaged a workforce is, the better the outcomes for patients.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of Council of Governor Elections, UK Engage understands the relationship between staff engagement and improved results. From the number of nominations received to the number of votes cast, engagement with members, both staff and public, can make a difference to an election process.

UK Engage explores some of the ways that NHS Foundation Trusts can better engage with staff before and during an election process.

Early engagement:

The notice of election in a Council of Governor process is a minimum of 40 days before the ballot phase but you can begin the awareness campaign much earlier. UK Engage has observed that a well-organised, pre-election awareness phase, can result in contested elections. This is because the staff and public members have more time to digest the information and understand what is involved in becoming a governor. They have time to ask questions of the Independent Scrutineer and decide if they have the qualities required to become an effective governor.

Utilise your existing communication channels:

Your trust will have numerous communication channels which it already uses to communicate with members. Newsletters, blogs, videos, e-shots, intranets and social media are all channels that are readily available to promote your election message. Trusts should work with their election provider and their communications team to promote election-related messages through as many existing channels as possible.

In our experience, other options which work particularly well, especially when it comes to staff engagement, are onsite promotions such as pull up banners and posters. These are cost-effective ways to raise awareness and generate interest with staff.

Make it easy to participate:

Taking the complexity out of any process makes it more appealing. That’s what we have found with our online nomination and e-voting platforms. Completing a nomination form online is quick and easy to do, members can save their applications, upload photos and there is no need to post an application, it can be sent to the independent scrutineer with a single click. Likewise, e-voting systems allow members to vote with ease. Social share functions can further generate awareness around a ballot process.

To find out more about how UK Engage can help your Trust with staff and member engagement, contact us today on 0345 293 5555 or

NHS Providers Blog – 23 Feb 2016 Engagement and wellbeing of NHS staff is central to delivering high quality patient care

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