For membership organisations wishing to outsource the management of their internal election processes, it is essential that their chosen provider can meet certain performance standards. We look at how membership organisations can have confidence in election services providers through the accreditations they hold.

Confidence in quality

The ISO 9001 certification is internationally recognised as the most established quality framework, focussed on increasing efficiencies, preventing errors and improving customer service. Membership organisations that want to ensure that quality is at a consistently high level should seek an election services provider that holds this standard. Election materials (such as candidate statements, nomination forms, ballot packs and membership communications), have to be 100% right and election timelines have to be adhered to if an election is to run smoothly.

Confidence in security

In any given election membership organisations will have to entrust personal data about its members to an election service provider. Therefore, it is crucial that your chosen provider can ensure that the management and security of this data, along with financial information and intellectual property, meets certain security criteria. ISO 27001 is the standard for information security management; this standard is a crucial requirement for membership organisations looking to outsource election processes with an external independent scrutineer.

Confidence in customer service

Working with an election services provider that can not only offer consultation services but also implement all aspects of an internal election process, can make a huge difference to the success of an election.   The ISO 9001 standard incorporates customer service, however some election services providers ensure that good customer service is an inherent part of their service offering and indeed their company culture, opting for an additional accreditation such as the CSE (Customer Service Excellence) standard. Election services providers that work hard to achieve additional accreditations often deliver greater value as they are committed to working with membership organisations to exceed their expectations.

Confidence in performance

In order to achieve excellent customer service, election services providers must invest in their staff. The Investors in People (IIP accreditation), is a management framework for high achieving performance through people. By championing best practice in people management and equipping their organisations with the people and tools to succeed, election services providers can give offer membership organisations a more hands-on, personal service. With all staff trained using the same methods, membership organisations can ensure that consistency is maintained across the workforce.

In 2015 UK Engage passed three-year re-assessments relating to the Customer Service Excellence Standard, ISO9001:2008 and successfully transitioned to ISO27001:2013. UK Engage is one of the country’s leading election services providers. We work with membership organisations to administer elections, consultations, AGMs and training. You can contact UK Engage on: –

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