Online Election Services

Online Election Services
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Electronic Democracy

Electronic democracy is playing an ever more significant role for organisations that need to run democratic processes - offering a quick, secure, and cost-effective solution.
As part of our online election services, we have efficient, secure and traceable electronic solutions to support elections, ballots, polls, AGMs and other meetings. Our end-to-end online election services encourage participation; whether that’s applying to be a candidate for nomination, voting for candidates or resolutions, or using the system to engage with an election process.
In the last year, the need to vote electronically at meetings has increased as attending face to face meetings has become restricted. To assist organisations, our online election services include two online voting solutions, which support real-time voting at meetings.

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Online voting is a popular voting method and is widely used in elections, ballots, polls and referendums, and AGM proxy voting, due to its security, speed, simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Online voting is also extremely versatile and so can be used with other voting services such as postal ballots, SMS text voting, telephone voting. Our system supports popular voting methods including first past the post (FPTP), single transferable vote (STV), and AGM proxy voting.

We believe we have the most modern and secure online voting technology on the market. Furthermore, in additional to our managed service we have a self-managed live online voting system, developed specifically for voting at meetings and conferences. Our online voting systems offer many benefits for clients and their members.

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Election Hub

Our ‘election hub’ is an online voting platform and digital election system for nominations, elections and engagement. A versatile, secure voting system and bespoke portal, it supports each stage of an election or ballot, plus can be used to engage with your voting members.  The election hub supports online candidate nominations and links to our secure online voting site.  Our election hub is flexible and components can be used together or stand alone. For clients who want to handle the nomination process internally, our secure online voting platform can be used on its own.

Engage with members:
  • Develop a brand-compliant election hub
  • Build your virtual election community
  • One-stop-shop for all election-related information
  • Encourage participation and support debate through social interaction
  • Post updates, news and election results
Candidate nominations:
  • Members register their nomination for candidacy
  • Specified word-limits support quick and efficient candidate applications
  • Save applications and upload photos
  • Moderation and ‘go live’ functions for candidate statements
  • The most secure e-voting system in the UK
  • Encrypt each and every election
  • One, two and three-factor verification available
  • Apply your brand identity
  • STV and FPTP voting methods
  • Fast, efficient and easy to use


Online Nomination form
Online Nomination Form

As part of our election hub we have an online nomination form which supports candidate registration and applications. Our online nomination form is a quick and easy way to apply to become a candidate for election; unlike other systems our online nomination form allows applicants to amend their statements right up to the close of nominations.

Telephone voting
Telephone Voting

We have an automated, interactive voice recognition (IVR) phone voting system. Our secure system works in combination with online voting and/or postal voting, whereby voting credentials will be sent to voter to use with the phone voting system. The voter will use their unique voting credentials, using their phone’s keypad, following a series of instructions to cast their vote. Phone voting is a method that can be offered to visually impaired voters along with Braille postal ballots.

SMS text voting
SMS Text Voting

Similar to phone voting our SMS text voting allows voters to cast votes from an Android or Smartphone. Voters will tap their unique security code and will follow the instructions provided until their vote is cast via our SMS text voting system.

Hand held voting devices
Hand-held Voting Devices

Hand-held voting devices are excellent for voting at AGMs, EGMs, SGMs, workshops and conferences. Voters simply use the hand-held voting device to select the button which reflects their voting preference. This information is then sent automatically to a receiver, which processes and displays the results immediately. Hand-held voting devices have a number of benefits including: -

  1. Fast, accurate count (no spoiled votes)
  2. Determine voter turnout quickly
  3. Results can be presented quickly via clear graphics
  4. Limit the requirement for count staff
  5. Easy to use handheld devices
  6. Full technical support at events
online employee survey
Online Employee Surveys

For organisations that want to seek opinion from employees, we can build bespoke employee surveys using a secure platform. If your organisation has an area / topic that requires employee feedback, we can provide the system and communication to help foster opinion, in a professional and impartial manner.
UK Engage can also work with clients to develop messages and deliver them to employees via different channels (mainly by email), to encourage maximum participation. Our system encrypts the employee survey, providing confidentiality at all times.
Avoid potential scepticism that often surrounds in-house employee surveys and promote transparency and impartiality with employees.

election consulting
Election Consulting

UK Engage, as part of the award-winning Print Image Network Ltd, has expertise in the field of electoral management and is therefore well-placed to ensure that your elections and ballots run smoothly, efficiently and reliably. Election consulting is part of our bespoke service; we will help you plan and execute the best election process to achieve your objectives. As part of our election consulting service we have a delivery team that supports all of our electronic democracy services, including an internal solutions roadmap team that looks at election solutions for the future.

Counting of Votes & Adjudication
Counting of Votes & Adjudication

We use the latest scanning technology to perform the counting of votes for elections, ballots, referendums and AGMs. Our secure facility ensures that we can adjudicate the counting of votes under the strictest conditions so you can have complete confidence in the integrity of the count and the end result.

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