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Effective resident engagement helps to launch a new housing initiative


Residents come forward to join the ‘Academy’ to learn how to become effective board members.


Leading ALMO in the South East England that has responsibility for the day to day management of housing services and resident engagement.

Democratic Project:

The client wanted to improve resident involvement to get involved about the key decisions they were making.  In addition, the client wanted to improve resident engagement to encourage residents to put themselves forward for Board member seats and other elected positions.


The Academy was established to identify those residents who were truly passionate about being improving their local community and UK Engage was confident that it would identify strong candidates to fill Board member seats. A resident engagement communications plan was developed which included a series of postal and email messages.


The multi-channel approach helped to raise awareness with tenants and leaseholders and 35 residents felt confident enough to apply to be a part of the Academy. Twelve of the residents went on to apply for board member positions. UK Engage and the client saw this as a successful resident engagement exercise.

Academy Applications

Board Member Applications


Do you have an election, ballot, poll, referendum, AGM or another process you need help with?

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