St Peter’s Catholic School


Independent scrutineer offers it online voting solutions and account management expertise to aid democracy in Governor Election.


St Peter’s is a Catholic School based in Bournemouth, with a strong Christian ethos which underpins all it does. Educating students of all ages, it is an all-through school, providing both primary and secondary education. Committed to excellence, St Peter’s invites parents to have a say in the education of their children via it its Parent Governor Election.

Democratic Project:

Committed to helping community projects which help aid governance and democracy, UK Engage offered its election services to help St Peter’s Catholic School transition its Parent Governor Election from a paper-based process to a modern online voting process. Key objectives were to reduce the amount of paper, relieve some of the administrative burdens the election put on staff and encourage parents to vote.


To meet the school’s key objectives, UK Engage got to work to devise an appropriate solution for the Parent Governor Election. An online voting site was developed to eliminate the need for paper ballot papers. In addition, UK Engage developed a series of emails to inform parents the election was taking place and to deliver unique voting codes. Utilising the skills of one of its most experienced account managers, plus the technical voting team, UK Engage administered a 100% paper-free election, delivering the brief it was assigned by the school.


The move from a paper-based system to an online version meant the school reduced the amount of paper used for its Parent Governor Election and allowed the administration to get on with more productive tasks. In addition, feedback from parents about the voting system as that “it was really easy and quick to use.” UK Engage was delighted at the opportunity to help St Peter’s improve its voting system.

Client Testimonial

“The staff at UK Engage was fantastically efficient. The team was able to build the voting platform with all the necessary information and branded; the end result was very professional. The platform was intuitive, and feedback was that it was really easy to use. Our account manager had excellent communication skills and was able to understand what the school wanted to achieve very quickly. Everything was  turned around very quickly and was prepared well in advance of our deadlines.”

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