An enhanced user experience, a new and exciting design, and great election and voting services content!


Election and voting services provider, UK Engage, has launched a brand new website and is inviting visitors to explore it.  The new website has been designed to engage users and to improve their experience through its improved navigation and functionality, in addition to its exciting new design.

Visitors to the site can expect to learn more about UK Engage, its election and voting services, history and background.  Other areas of interest are its services pages which explain the main channels used to run elections; namely online election services, postal election services, in-person voting, and member engagement services.

“The new site aims to highlight to visitors the options available when undertaking an election.  Online election services are very popular in this day and age but clients still like to explore the option of postal too, as it sometimes suits a particular membership demographic.” Says Customer Service & Production Manager, Craig Poyser. He continued, “In addition, many clients are interested in our ‘in-person’ voting package, which outlines the services we offer for AGMs, EGMs, SGMs and in-store voting.” 

An online demonstration of its e-voting system can also be accessed through the new website, with access to both single transferable vote and first past the post demos available.

With lots more content on the new website, visitors can stay informed election and voting services via the ‘blog’ and ‘news’ sections. A new case study section and a white paper download area, are new features for those who want to read about our experience and thought leadership.

Clara Robinson, Marketing Manager at UK Engage said of the new website, “We are really pleased with the way the new site has turned out.  As a company, we recognised the need to update our website, as it no longer reflected our evolving brand, our identity, our values or the way visitors view websites. Visitors to the new site will be presented with the UK Engage of today.” She continued, ” Created with the user experience firmly in mind, the website has been designed using the latest technology so the site is compatible with today’s browers and is responsive to all mobile devices.”

Please visit to view our new site.

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