An improved election system to administer elections and improve engagement

UK Engage has launched an enhanced digital election system into the UK market.  The digital election system is aimed at organisations and institutions that practice democracy by electing members to positions of responsibility to boards, councils and committees.

The digital election system can replace or complement the traditional printed elements often associated with running an election, such as paper nomination application forms, candidate statements and postal ballot packs.  In addition, the system acts a central ‘hub’ for the election, building a virtual election community, where members of an organisation can download  information, ask questions, support debate, put themselves forward as candidates and vote in the election.

In recent years, the demand for secure online membership-based democracy, especially electronic voting, has soared.  In response to this demand, UK Engage has launched a system that meets its clients’ needs, combining security, aesthetics and functionality.

John Foster, Managing Director at UK Engage, said of the new system “We are confident that the new system provides customers with a complete digital election system; it is unique to any other system on the market.  The system allows UK Engage to provide customers with a solution that supports candidate nominations, e-voting and engagement – acting as a client’s bespoke election online community.”

Services Director, Stephen Power, added “As elections become paperless throughout Europe, the UK market has few suppliers that can now offer a system as secure, yet simple to use. Early indications show that the enhancements we have made have been extremely well-received. Customers like the new features, especially the security elements and the new design opportunities clients have to customise the e-voting platform to replicate their brand identity.”

To find out more about UK Engage’s improved digital election system or to request a demonstration, please contact us today:
Tel: 0161 209 4808

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