If you are considering running an election or need help in administering a ballot or survey, why would you choose UK Engage to manage your electoral services? The short answer to that is that UK Engage has all the necessary qualities and experience to run a seamless and successful election campaign. UK Engage, as part of the award-winning Print Image Network, has more than 25 years combined experience in the field of electoral management. We participate in and support more than 500 electoral processes each year, so we have the necessary knowledge, understanding and expertise to ensure that your ballot runs smoothly, efficiently and reliably.

However, these aren’t the only qualities we have to offer. UK Engage also prides itself on innovation and quality. These rare qualities have resulted in a string of plaudits and industry awards that show our commitment to our clients whilst delivering impeccable service with unsurpassed reliability. What this means is that if you choose UK Engage to run your election campaign, you can make that choice with absolute confidence.

Voting Services

All elections, regardless of the arena, aren’t just complex: they also require the highest levels of integrity, security and accountability. UK Engage has a proven track record of not only attaining these required standards, but of surpassing them and delivering speedy results, clear reporting, scrutineering and adjudication (where required) efficiently and cost-effectively. By using a combination of expert human resources and advanced technology such as automated counting systems, UK Engage can provide complete bespoke electoral support solutions in any application where a ballot, referendum or any other form of voting is required. UK Engage offers unrivalled expertise in every aspect of electoral support administration, management and adjudication of all forms of election and referendum.

Postal ballots

UK Engage offers a range of postal ballot packs, which can be designed, branded and re-tailored to suit any specific project. These, and proxy nominations, are extensively tested to generate above- average returns. We can also securely manage and sort membership data, produce and mail postal ballots, and then independently receive, verify and count responses, giving you a fully audited results report to present to your stakeholders.

Electronic media voting – e-voting, SMS voting, internet and telephone voting
Voting via electronic media is now playing a significant and increasingly important role in the world of corporate and marketing elections, most often working alongside a conventional postal ballot rather than as the prime response mechanism. UK Engage works closely with leading providers to ensure efficient, secure and traceable solutions, whether you choose e-voting, internet or touch-tone telephone voting. UK Engage’s expertise seamlessly blends the rapid response of single or multiple media options with the solid and often required postal ballot.

Security and reporting- Security and accuracy are essential for any electoral system, whether it is a ballot for public office, a corporate procedure or even a market survey. Security lies at the heart of any democratic system, and because of this it is a matter that can only be entrusted to experts. UK Engage believes electoral security is critical. We identify sensitive data and treat it with the utmost confidence following our stringent ISO27001 procedures. We also follow notification and information procedures precisely and ensure that results reporting is carried out effectively and securely. These procedures apply equally to every aspect of our service, whether that’s data capture, counting, verification, scrutineering or reporting for post-election analysis.

If you are looking to organise a postal ballot, e-voting or SMS voting, call UK Engage, and find out what we can do for you.

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